Wild Stuff started off as pop-up event on a CDCL parking lot (Compagnie de Construction Luxembourgeoise) and now we are a super-duper proud shop owner in the very heart of Luxembourg pedestrian city center inside good ol’ Alima. Which is basically like winning 3 billion gold bars in a lottery.
The idea behind all this is quickly explained. It’s a philosophy!
This is about stuff for curious people craving something uncommon. Stuff for connoisseurs.
We want to feed all of you epicurean, decadent, hedonistic, pleasure-loving and sensual folks out there. We want to serve people that fancy elaborate, extravagant, ornamental, swanky, lavish, elegant, posh, upscale, delicate stuff. Just real quality stuff. Stuff that will make your tummy go *yummy* and your eyes go *bling*. That can be food and beverage or whatever awesome shit we’ll find for you.
There’s a weekly product plan but of course there can be specials popping up every now and then.
We source our stuff locally but we also have it shipped from bumf*ck Egypt.
And we prefer to do it socially. Thats why we work with sheltered workshops for disabled people like Ateliers Kräizbierg and Yolande Coop, with co-labor and many others
Some partners shall be changing throughout the year or season, but others will remain. In any case: all of them are so much in line with our principle of slow-the-f*ck-down-non-industrial-way-of-doing.
At Wild Stuff we proudly mention our partners: we’re never gonna tell you “Look, at how amazing I am, man! I baked this at home all by myself.” We’ll always tell you honestly where things come from and who made them.
Also, if you feel like you’re a Wild One and you have a product or an idea that you absof*cking-lutely want to try out with a little help, please come and see us. We’re youngsters and we don’t bite. We would love to work it out with you and to give you fame and glory.
We like to have our products manufactured in cooperation with sheltered workshops for disabled people or people who have been socially a little less lucky in life. Not out of pity but because these folks really do amazing things. Everything they do is MANUFACTURED. Truly and genuinely made by hand (hecho a mano). With passion and great know-how. Sometimes availability or shapes of things will vary according to moods and workforce. That’s why we kindly request your open-mindedness here.
One more thing: we do like (pre-)orders, simply ‘cause we don’t wanna throw things away. It’s always a very sad thing to see excellent food end up in some dust bins. That’s why we need you to be disciplined: you order stuff. You pick it up… you enjoy it and nothing is thrown away (no waste – respecting our resources).
Oh and one very very last thing: This website will remain quite static. Please follow our social media channels to get our daily updates about the taste of the day and upcoming pop-up events and product launches.


Michèle who, even after having left her job at Circus Roncalli more than 5 years ago, revamping FEDIL, helping reorganize a green bank and coordinating the communication strategies of a couple of selected prime clients and ministries, is still wandering around like a curious circus girl looking for uncommon stuff.

Christian who, even after having kinda left the world of running international corporations and lobby senior politicians, is – on the one hand – in charge of the stuff you can drug your ass out with (only legal stuff though…) and, on the other hand, he takes care of logistics, accounting, admin… the boring stuff (that’s why he needs those small wild delights).

Javier who, after arriving to our beautiful country straight from Peru, in charge of stuff coming from the very end of the other world… wherever that end is. He always manages to find the extra thing and make sure it’s delivered to Luxembourg.