Forget la bamba.
Here’s la babka.

Availability: mini ones on Wednesdays & big ones on Saturdays!

Mini: 4,60 €

Big: 14,60 €

Babka = The death of pragmatism. The rise of profusion. Welcome to the kingdom of unlimited calorie intake and chocolate intoxication nirvana. It is so yummy that it will literally make you sneak around stubbing your toe at the kitchen table when hunger strikes at night.

Babka is a sweet buttery yeast bread which has the most wonderful swirls of chocolate. Veeeeeery many of them. It can have intricate, impossible-to-count folds of dough and chocolate or thicker dough and chocolate layers. Ours is over-full of mouthwatering ganache. And we are really using homemade ganache not just some stupid industrial chocolate spread. And guess what: we even happen to top our Babka with copious amounts of streusel! 

A Babka can have many forms: Threaded, knotted, round, square, rectangular, small or spectacularly big. Ours is rolled. That’s not a bug. It’s a feature that we decided upon with the bakers. But we’ll constantly work on it.

And: nope! Babka is not a brioche. Babka has a personality of its own. Please respect that!

The big babkas are made in collaboration with the workshop for disabled people at Yolande coop!

The mini babkas are made in collaboration with co-labor!


Contains: lactose, gluten and is really not vegan.

Attention please: the fillings and availabilities may vary so please check before popping in and do feel free to reserve your Babkas (again, no waste).



Get this hyper-yummy-fluffy
filling on your phone as a wallpaper.

Why ? WHY NOT ? Seriously ….