What the dealers provide us

Availability: normally always!

Types of drugs: changing!

Yes, of course we also do drugs. Legal ones only though. Just sayin’…
Just to give you some examples:
We got wines. Not just any lousy wine. Especially for you guys, we got the iconic stuff: from THE man Abi Duhr himself.
Even if you never gave a shit about wine at all and it never really turned you on, there’s something different about Abi’s booze… This wine – and we are not gonna say more – is like angel pee pee gently trickling down your tongue.
For those special moments where you’re deeply in need of something strong hitting your system, we have B13 Rum. While thinking about the good tradition of Barbados made rums, B13 takes a well deserved podium place. This rum simply envelopes your mouth with a plentitude of rich aromas and always lets you wanting more.
Finally, for those of you who love a good smoke, we’ll have fancy cigars every now and then…
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B13 booze starting from 7,00€

Abi Duhr wines starting from 13,20€