Let the bunification begin

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Spoiler: the very reason a bun tastes so good is because of all that sugar and fat. They basically have at least 3,000,000 calories but you can crash diet in another life. You’ll be crushed and dieting anyway when you’ll be six feet under.

You probably haven’t stopped to consider the intricacies of all the deliciousness that you’re frantically inhaling when eating a bun.

What do you want us to say?

… pillowy spirals of oh-so-pillowy-tender dough filled with hypnotic swirls of cinnamon…

… melting in your mouth like a warm and gentle hug of an elf…

… just-barely-cooked middle…

… Oh, and that sooth Ooey-Gooey icings: a drool-worthy puddle of brown sticky-sweet syrup with nuts or rather a lemony cream cheese icing….

They are jaw-droppingly pure goodness and frenzy!

You’re an adult. Mummy is not there for you. But the buns are always gonna catch you when you fall! They will make each crappy day end well and each hard morning start off just great.

So: When life gives you lemons just eat buns. And, also on every other occasion. 

We’ll have classic buns with, for example, cream cheese frosting and sticky ones with plenty of pecan nut caramel (beware of allergies).

Don’t hold us responsible for stains on your clothes.

This product is made in collaboration with the workshop for disabled people at Yolande coop.

Contains: frenzy, and goodness, lactose, gluten and is really not vegan at all.
Hint: please message us or give us a call to pre-order or reserve. ‘cause quantities are velly velly limited.


Contains: lactose, gluten and is not vegan at all.

Attention: buns are a very versatile thing. They can not only sticky or plain, fruity or chocolaty, but also sweet or salty. Totally depending on the folks at Yolande coop’s inspo of the week! 

And: if want to be sure to be sinking your teeth into one of our buns, also don’t hesitate to place reservations (thus avoiding waste).



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