Pâté au Riesling

Availability: on Tuesdays, Fridays and sometimes Saturdays

Gusty 3,00 €

Gusty & Abi Duhr wine sample 8,00 €

Gust 5,00 €

Gust & Abi Duhr wine sample 10,00 €


Normally we write off the chain texts about each product here. But, really, there’s no lame joke cracking with le Gusty aka Pâté au Riesling. 
Yes okay, there’s the Grand Duke, but Pâté au Riesling is a pillar of Luxembourg’s culture. Could even be the holy grail. It’s so sacred that you don’t even find memes about it.
But, of course we wouldn’t be Wild Stuff if we wouldn’t try to revisit that thing too. Religiously of course. With mountains of the highest respect.
It’s hard if not impossible to improve such a great thing as the Pâté au Riesling without ruining its intrinsic spirit. So, we thought: Hey, let’s prepare the thing not just with some shitty pseudo-wine. Why not use the truly lavish stuff instead! We searched… and found: THE wine God – Abi Duhr himself – who composed, especially for our man Gusty, an incomparable bio wine (with no additives whatsoever).
Oh, and – this is us being super thoughtful – since some of you surely got a decent job and thus need to show up in a non-deranged and serious manner, we made our Gustys mini! 
This product is made in collaboration with the workshop for disabled people at Yolande coop! 
Contains: muchissimo food porn, booze, lactose, gluten and is abso-f*cking-lutely not vegan


Contains: joy & laughter, lactose, gluten and is abso-f*cking-lutly not vegan

Attention please: the tastes and availabilities may vary so please check before popping in and also feel free to reserve you Gustys in advance.


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