THE chocolate: Legal stuff from Holland. Illegally good.

Availability: always but limited stocks!

No, this is not an UFO. This is the most exclusively outrageous chocolate artistry. Guaranteeing an “uh la la” sweet-tooth moment on no matter what occasion or just to treat yourself.
Our partner in crime FRIANDRIES stands for highest quality chocolate products, absolutely fresh ingredients and purest flavours without unnecessary additives. By playing with colour and taste, the ultimate experience is created for the adventurous chocolate lover, the gourmet and even anyone who thought they didn’t like chocolate.
For FRIANDRIES chocolate is art. But instead of copying the old masters, these guys take their inspiration from the streets. Bonbons, chocolate bars, truffles, skulls made of chocolate and even vegan chocolate are no longer the stately portraits with classical techniques, but eye-catching shapes and colours. Modern art, industrial design, graffiti, the scents and colours of a modern city in motion.
FRIANDRIES resolutely brings innovation to the traditional chocolate market and introduce people to the immense versatility of chocolate.
The goal? … Choc your senses!
We have various bonbon boxes, chocolate dragées, chocolate bars, candy bars and vegan stuff too!

Please note that we might not always have everything available!

Luxe bonbon boxes:
10er box16,99 €
20er box28,99 €
40er box49,99 €
Chocolate bars:
white - raspberry - cocoa nibs5,99 €
white - matcha - coconut - yuzu5,99 €
milk - tonka - caramel - pinda5,99 €
milk - almond - salmiak5,99 €
dark - orange - honey- pecan5,99 €
dark - banana - pink pepper5,99 €
hazelnut - coconut - raspberry8,49 €
cashew - ruby - joghurt8,49 €
hazelnut - caramel - salt8,49 €
smoked almond - lime8,49 €
Vegan Paté candy bars (3 pieces)11,49 €
Fluff candy bars (4 pieces)14,99 €
Skulls of the month8,69 €
thin as air chocolate palettes
(white chocolate - roasted coconut, caramel chocolate - sea salt, ruby chocolate - puffed rice, dark chocolate - feuilletine, milk chocoalte - crunchy cereals)
6,99 €


Do not ask and download this on your phone as a wallpaper.
We said DON’T ASK!